Monday, August 30, 2010


Listening to my mum, it shows how much our society has grown and changed over the years. In her day if you referred to underwear or panties, they were called unmentionables.

I asked her if there was anything she needed up at the physical rehab place and she said she would like more of her unmentionables. I asked her if she meant panties or bras, since 'unmentionables' could be either or both. Instead she whispered, "There is a man here in my room."

So being the naughty person I am, I replied, "Ooh, and he wants your panties, mum?"

She was less than amused, saying, "Just listen to me. Bring up a few pairs."

"Ahh, panties it is. Oh is he gone, now?"

I was sorely chastised, "You never mention unmentionables in mixed company. That's why they are called unmentionables!"

Oops, I think I goofed. But considering the way our society has changed over the years, I think we can now happily yell panties in a crowded theater in front of men galore. In fact, they'd probably like it. lol. And yes, she has never read any of my erotic romances. lol. I think it's best, that way she doesn't have a seizure or something. :P

I wanted to take the dvd of the movie Date Night up for mum to watch, but she said the TV in her room doesn't have a dvd player. I think she would have liked that movie, as it had gangsters in it and I think she would have loved the premise, but probably not some of the language or references.

It reminded me a bit of the old Jack Lemmon flick, The Out of Towners. A series of mistakes when a couple heads into the Big Apple, leads them into trouble. :) I loved that movie.

Ahh, it's nearing the witching hour and I have much to do before I go to bed tonight, so until next time, wishing you and yours pleasant dreams...


Saturday, August 28, 2010

High Squee

Last night I went hair shopping in SL with my bff Cora Zane (who btw, is celebrating a birthday today and we're having a contest over on the MMC blog to celebrate). We discovered a store we both love, called Nikita Fride. They have the most wicked and wild hair, skin, eyes, and prim lashes. I gave them excessive Linden love. lol.

Cora wearing Nikita Fride hair, Lust - Chantilly; Prim lashes and eyes also by Nikita Fride.

As we sat on the floor of my mermaid digs, Cora snuck over to the Casablanca Authors Blog and checked out the Open Pitch Session post. She scrolled down, past her pitch and my own, and saw Deb Werkman's response to my pitch. OMG! Deb wants a full on my story Earth To Elena!!!! Or at least I think she does. Eeps! Another writer using a pen name of Cassandra asked if she is the Cassandra mentioned by Deb. Whew. I hope I'm the Cassandra in question. Cora and I squeed all over the place.

I would love it if we both got on with the same publisher, either me with EC or both of us with Casablanca/Sourcebooks. That would be too cool. ::fingers crossed::

Friday, August 27, 2010

Days of Wine and Rehab

Not that kind of rehab, but gotta say I love Mum's physical therapy rehab center. I mean—what other rehab serves the patients and their family beer, Manhattan's or a glass of wine? Truly, my kind of rehab! rofl.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If Life is A Highway...

Not sure, but if life is a highway, I think I just got a speeding ticket! :P

I actually took a notepad and pen up to the hospital, thinking I might have time to squeeze in and work on a new idea for a book. Sure. As if I am not already overwhelmed, I piled on more things to do. Oh yep, I do believe I am a glutton for multitasking.  But instead of brilliant new ideas, I have notes on my pad to remember to call all these people mum wants called. Oh and to drop by her rent, and call the office for her that handles her home health nursing, etc... There are pages and pages of notes and none are writing related. I really must be delusional to have thought I could find the time to write something or even think beyond the situation at hand.

The best news I can give is that she's been downgraded and was moved late yesterday into a 'regular' room. Whew. Another hurdle jumped and cleared. She also seems more cognizant, albeit in serious pain since they stopped her pain meds. I am upset she is not on anything for pain, but glad she is coming back to 'herself.' The drugs they were giving her made her hallucinate and she was sure Hollyweird was in ICU filming a movie the last couple of days. She would smile at the nurses and such, then once they left her room, she would turn to me and say, "She's another one in on it. She is part of the CAST."

Yep, a new movie, and setting is the hospital. A crazed gunman takes over ICU and trades shots with members of a SWAT team and one of the doctors tries to rationalize with the gunman and is shot. But she assures me the doctor is really okay, because another patient told her they only use rubber bullets.

Hmm, you know, maybe I could work mum's hallucination into a book? You think it would fly? :P

In the meanwhile, mum's new room is in the farthest wing of the hospital, and the nearest elevators don't lead to any parking lot I can park in, so I am hoofing it down long corridors yesterday and my asthma kicked in. Lovely. I so do NOT want to be a patient there. My sister also has asthma and heart trouble, so I am checking on her as we walk the 'blue' line down the hallway, both of us wheezing. lol.

I've got some appointments of my own later today, so I am trying to catch up on my emails and snail mail and updates to this blog so the extended family and all my friends and readers have the latest skinny.

Oh speaking of skinny, I got on some scales I saw at the hospital and have lost 3 pounds! Woot! At least some good is coming out of all of this. Now officially at 50 lbs weight lost this year! ::lives for silver linings::

Until next time...

~ Cass

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just A Quick Update

Just popping in to give a quick update. Mum has been moved into the ICU and I will be staying at mum's which is closer to the hospital, so no internet unless I can get online at the center's community room.

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and well-wishes. ((hugs))

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stressed and DeStressing

My mum fell in her apartment Sunday morning about 2 in the a.m. and no one knew since she lives in an independent senior living facility. If her neighbor hadn't awoken early and heard a pitiful cry for help around 7:30 a.m., my mum would have been on the floor for more than the 5 1/2 hrs. she'd already spent. She is doing best as she can and I am going up to hospital every day.

At least no bones were broken. So the family is thankful for that, but OMG, I am so mad, and no one really I can get mad at. I can't watch her every second of the day. We try to take turns and someone be with her in the daytime and even some nights, but there is no way we can do a 24/7...

We even got her a special life alert button, but she got a hair up her 'you know what' and canceled the service. She did get a different service, though, but they use only a wrist bracelet button for alert and the 'bracelet' is made of velcro and it digs into her skin and bothers her no matter how loose I make it. So she simply doesn't wear it. She wraps it around her walker. When she fell, her leg pushed the walker about three feet away and she couldn't crawl to reach it. ::sigh::

Needless to say I am under a bit of stress, worrying over mum. The only solution and potential answer to our dilemma is one we do not want to face. I cannot stand the idea of her going into a nursing home, and she has said we are all cursed if we put her in one. Now, I don't think she'd really curse her offspring whom she loves, but then again, she is a cranky old witch. :P

In the meanwhile, the plans to go to Florida have been delayed for a couple of weeks until we see how mum is and if she's going to be okay. Whew.

Last night I sat here and simply couldn't write, so I decided to go into SL and check out a landmark someone sent me and I ran into a mer friend of mine, Peaches. So I poured out my story of woe and we shopped for virtual fantasy clothing. lol. Yes, I know. Shopping is good for the soul. In RL it's more costly, so SL is perfect shopping therapy.  lol. The store is called Evie's Closet and they specialize in medieval/fantasy outfits. The black number I am wearing in the pic is an example of the styles there. It's something I bought last night and threw on then and there. :)

I don't think I asked Peaches where she got those purple boots, but I bet it was at Bootgasm. lol. Yep, virtual dolly clothing shopping is damn good therapy since I can escape the worry for a little while.

Of course, I am heading up to the hospital in a few, so I may have to drop in and shop again tonight. Either that or eat a bag of chocolate and blow my diet. :)

Until next time...

~ Cass

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Ocean's Call

Stuck in my writing cave and daydreaming about my upcoming trip to Florida with my sister. It's been so long since I last stepped in sand and felt the pull of the ocean's song. When I am near the ocean I can feel the tug of it calling me and all I want to do is dive in the water and play. I picture myself, sitting by the water's edge, listening to the waves roll into shore. My skin and my entire body feel lighter, freer and more alive. I can sense the healing process both emotionally/mentally and physically start to take effect. Slowly, I take a breath and attune to the siren song as I bask in the sun and meditate.

I think sometimes people who live along the coasts or on islands take for granted their ability to be so close to the heart of Mother Nature's core. Those of us who are landlocked envy you.

Until next time ~


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Just A Girl...

Take a look at what's selling on bookshelves these days and you'll see a plethora of heroines that are gutsy, determined, fierce, and a lot of other adjectives. Basically, heroines today are strong—stronger than their male counterparts. To quote one author friend, "It's time heroines stood their ground, kicked some ass, and aren't TSTL." (aka Too Stupid To Live).

While I applaud the disappearance of the insipid and TSTL heroines, I think many of the tough kick-ass heroines of today lack an emotional depth and maturity, as if they skipped some developmental process along the way. They are larger than life, perhaps too large, because they all read as the same. Just the names changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Don't get me wrong, I love the hybrid creation of fantasy and paranormal that spawned the urban fantasy genre, but I miss the clever ingenue—the ingenuity of a common woman with her foibles and klutzy physicality.

Must every heroine now be a kung fu and a weapons expert? Deadly with swords or teeth and claws? Does her lover have to be a world-weary, centuries old, lonely vampire?

Is there anything new under the sun—or the moon and stars, which adds depth and personality to the heroine, the story, and the genre?

Let me know with a shout out, and I'll try to get the author to guest blog here.

Until Next time...

~ Cass

Snaps to Share and AGT

As those of you who follow me on Facebook and at the Midnight Moon Cafe know, I love being a mermaid and do it every chance I get.  I also love to read from my books. But especially fun is when I have the opportunity to introduce new readers to the erotic romance sub-genre.

Yesterday afternoon, I slipped into SL and read selections from my Shifting Tides trilogy and my latest ebook, The Deal Breaker.

Hopefully I gained a few new converts to the erotic side of romance. :D

Last night was also the YouTube performances on America's Got Talent. I was thrilled to see some of the acts I loved make it onto the stage.

The kid who played classical piano was amazing and so gifted. I tried to play piano when I was eleven and failed miserably. lol.

The maniacal magician that Sharon said was edgy, was indeed very much on the cutting edge with his tricks and had Howie running for cover when a piece of dental floss sailed his way. Sharon was laughing so hard, I bet she peed herself. :P

But the night wasn't over and the last contestant was worth the wait. OMGawd! Never have I heard a voice so pure, so mature, so crystalline, and coming from a —what? A ten or twelve year old? OMGawd! I had chills coursing down my spine and gooseflesh on my arms. Ya'll may have just witnessed the reincarnation of Sarah Bernhardt or Maria Callas, I kid you not. Others have accused the kid was lip-synching and that wasn't her voice.

Well, tonight is the results show and I am eager to see who gets eliminated and who moves on to the semi-finals. Personally, I think it should be Jackie Evancho (the little girl with the huge voice), and the kid who played classical piano, then to round out the top three, I would choose the edgy magician who scared the shit out of Howie and made Sharon roll out of her chair and practically fall to the floor in giggles. lol.

Just my opinion. Did you watch last night? What did you think of the performances? Who is your pick to move on to the next round?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday For A Bear

Yesterday was Bear’s birthday, so I took him out for a movie and dinner. We saw the movie Salt, starring my least favorite actress, Angelina pouty lips. Since it was his birthday, I didn’t try to talk him out of it. It wasn’t a bad movie, although it was rather too violent for my tastes. And of course, being on Team Anniston (yes, I still think of it that way), I dislike Ms. homewrecker pouty lips. But the guys all love her, so what can ya do, ya know?

Later, we went to the delicious feast that is P.F. Chang’s. I love the food there, however the wait is usually long for a table, and last night was no different. Normally after 40 minutes, I would have said fuck this shit, lets roll. But it was his birthday and I left the decision up to him. So we waited while he had his Jack and coke and I enjoyed a fruity and smooth Granny Chang’s FrappĂ©.

The waiter was this really nice guy who told us he moonlights at the Comedy Caravan as a stand-up comedian. He has a great voice and Bear told him he’d be good on the radio.

It’s been ages since I went to the comedy clubs. Maybe I should take my sister as she needs some cheering up and a break from the drudgery of life. It’s good to laugh.

Anyway, Bear told the guy it was his birthday, so we got a dessert in one of those tiny square cups for free, I decided to join him and screw the calorie counting. I mean, we were eating Chinese for God’s sake, so the calorie counting never started yesterday. :P

We both chose the strawberry cheesecakes (see picture above). Very delicious, as was everything they had. I couldn’t finish it all, so we brought boxes of food home, and leftovers are on the menu today. lol.
After the dinner, we came home and I got the birthday cake ready and placed his presents on the table. I mainly got him clothes, since he’s lost weight and needed new things. He went down a size, so I am glad I got the right sizes as it seemed everything fit pretty well.

No writing done though, as the day was all about Bear. Today I have to get with Ms. Cora and go over stuff, also promised friends in SL I’d drop by their place today as they recently redecorated and must also check my visitor counters and rents so I don’t accidentally get kicked out. rofl.

Tomorrow belongs to mum, as does Monday, so I will have to write in between it all somehow and hope it’s enough to finish my book. Wish me luck.

Until next time…
~ Cass

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dinner With Sharon, Howie, and Piers

I'm not much of a TV watcher, preferring a book over the boob tube any day—well, any day except Tuesday and Wednesday nights during my dinner time. That's when I turn on and tune in to my naughty little delight, America's Got Talent.

I love the stiff criticism of Piers, the lovely and smart Sharon, and the newest addition to the judge's panel, Howie Mandel. While I think I liked him better on Deal or No Deal, I do think he's an improvement over David Hasselhoff. Sorry Dave.

I also think it's a riot the show is called America's Got Talent, when the judges are Irish, British, and Canadian, and almost half of the acts (or maybe it just seems that way to me) aren't from America. Just sayin'. However, the talent does shine through, at least on some of the acts. After all, to headline in Vegas you need to be one truly talented act. No one is going to pay $100-$300 per person to see a lackluster, tonally-challenged singer, or a juggler who drops every other bowling pin.

So, who would I be willing to fork over my hard earned cash to see in Vegas?

My top five from last night:

Rudi Macaggi was terrifying and amazing and if he developed his act beyond the few minutes of air time NBC allows, he could do well and may even grab the $1 million. And yes, I would pay to see him perform in Vegas.

Taylor Mathews did a nice performance, but had a few shaky notes. Still though, I can see his potential and have no doubt, whether he makes it past last night or not, he will be a pop star in the coming years. He's too talented not to garner a recording contract outta the exposure from the show. I'd buy his CD. Not sure if I'd pay to see him in Vegas, though.

ArcAttack is my favorite of the novelty acts. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to play with electricity? :D I'd pay to see them perform anywhere, but my bet is they'd do well in least until they caused a citywide blackout. lol.

Prince Poppycock has a unique quality to his voice and a nice vocal range. I could do without the make-up/wigs/costume, though. I agree with the judges, he's more Broadway than Vegas, but still talent is talent and you have to respect that. I'd pay to see him in a musical play or in an operetta. But not in Vegas.

MURRAY is a great illusionist and magician. Yes, I am a sucker for magic acts, but honestly—you can't get more VEGAS than a magic act. I'd pay to see him.

Who was your favorite from last night's show?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Total Boot Lust

I know admitting it is the first step. Okay, here it goes...whew....I have a serious lust for boots. For some reason, I always feel prettier, sexier, more in control, when I wear boots. The problem is my feet are not the same as they used to be when I was a teenager. They flattened out, grew wider, and trying to wear boots now in real life is nearly impossible for me ( I need a special type of shoe contour and really good arch support, aka diabetic shoes). Yes, middle age sucks. Back in the day, I wore Candies and Jellies, stiletto heels and the most incredible pair of thigh high boots. Now I can only look at them in store windows and lust.

But I did find an odd substitute. You see, in the virtual world of Second Life, I can wear some of the most wonderful, gorgeous, and insanely painful-looking footwear. Amazing how it satisfies my craving. :)

Baby Monkey, Ultimate Zsa Zsa Boots in Zebra Print

Barbarella, Leather Boots in Black

Lost Boots i
n Black Smoke

Until next time...

~ Cass

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Winner of My First Contest

The winner of my very first contest on my new blog is... Estella

Congrats, Estella.

Your name was picked from my lucky cauldron! WOohoo! Please email me at cass @ cassandra curtis. com (no spaces) and let me know which 4 ebooks you'd like and what format you prefer. :)

Thank you to all my followers, fans and friends for participating. I plan to hold more fun contests this year, so remember to stop by every so often and check what naughty things I am cooking up in my cauldron o' fun.

Until next time...
~ Cass