Thursday, May 24, 2018

Privacy Policy

As ya'll may know, I haven't been blogging much as my health has deteriorated quite a bit over the last few years, but this new wrinkle appeared and I'm late to the game, trying to update everything for the GDPR rules I just learned of, so I'm not even sure if I need this for my blog, but since I whipped up one for my website using a generator I found online, I figured I better slap it up here, since my blog isn't a WordPress blog, but still here on Blogger.  If I don't need it, then oh well, but if I do, then here it is. lol

Love all ya'll readers and sorry I haven't been very active. But for now, I'm still alive and sorta kickin' and not givin' up or givin' in just yet. Just call me stubborn. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wanted: Western Historical American Romance


by Cia Leah

Kassidy Dillon didn't hesitate to take the next job Governor Robert Crandon needed her for. When he wired her about his nephew, Alex, and asked if she would become Alex's mail order bride by proxy, she accepted wholeheartedly. Alex needed a wife who could protect him from a neighboring rancher obsessed with getting his hands on Alex's land by marrying up with Red of the Redlace outlaw gang.

Alex Crandon was an educated man and not a gunslinger. He hated violence, but it seemed that Chandler Bradford and his wife Red were willing to kill him to get his land. When his Uncle Bob arranged a marriage for him to Kassidy Dillon, a pardoned outlaw, he accepted since Chandler blinded him in his left eye. He needed help and hoped that Kassidy, her brother Heath, and their gang didn't die protecting him and his land.