Thursday, December 4, 2008

Swimming in The Shallows

These past few weeks I feel as though I’ve been swimming in shallow water, unable to make the transformation from fish tail to legs so I can climb onto the rocky shore. This last ‘minor’ surgery took a lot out of me. I wish the drs. would stop using the word ‘minor’ in conjunction with me. Simply because it never is. I truly should know better by now.

As I start to gain energy, I am slowly getting back to what I love––writing. The great thing about writing is it forces my brain to focus on something other than the pain. If I am lost in a world of my creation, my mind is happily occupied. An all natural drug induced state, released endorphins, aided by muses.

I’ve also been doing some reading and have to say most of what I’ve read this past month is pretty good.

What I haven’t done much of is holiday shop. Ugh. Since I can’t drive for a while and must have Bear to act as my wheelman, I am limited in when and where I can go. Mostly I go to the drs. for appointments. Anywhere else, I get to sit in the car while he goes in to do whatever we need.

Did I mention the effects of cabin fever? Oh yeah, I got a heavy dose of that right now. But since I know I have to take this slow and easy as I continue the healing process, I guess I’ll behave. Drats. lol. Being a good girl is a major stretch, I’m tellin’ ya. :P

In love, light, and laughter,