Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lazy Bones

After being off my meds for the cancer scanning procedure for over a month, I find I am turning into true lazy bones. lol.  I look at the dishes piled up in the sink and just sorta sigh. I keep waiting for the dish faery to come and wave her wand, making the dishes squeaky fresh and sparkling clean, but it just ain’t happenin’ folks.

The laundry is also piling up and honestly, the carpet could use a decent shampoo. But my energy level is now zilch. I cannot wait for the dr. to give me the green light to go back on my meds and off this insane no salt/iodine diet. Ugh.  Have you or someone you love been recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer? Here's a useful link to have: http://www.thyca.org/

I hate having to ask anyone to drive me to the hospital for the next step in the testing, but I am so weak at this point, I can’t drive myself. Whew. And of course,  grizzly bear still lives here, so the situation is bizarre to say the least. I have to swallow my pride and ask the growly one if he’ll drive me. He said yes and didn’t bite.  I still have my hand intact, so I guess that’s a good sign. lol.

I really find that I miss going to the gym. How weird is that? A confirmed couch potato longing for low impact aerobics, aqua fitness class, and the rowing machine.

I figure I might as well enjoy the changes life is bringing me and go with the flow.  One of my old pals used to quote Bruce Lee, who would say, “Be water, my friend.”

Okay, I am ‘water’ and flowing over and around my obstacles, but I am getting very wet in the process.

Are you a lazy bones? Do you have days where you simply feel like the effort to get up and deal with life is beyond your capabilities—at least for that day? If so, then you understand what I mean.

Yet, if I go back to bed, hide under the covers, and allow chaos free reign, what would be the cost? I wonder about things like that. But I have to say, it’s much more enjoyable to wonder about it when I am snuggled in my comfy bed than sitting at a computer or attempting to clean my house. :P