Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dragging Out Of Bed

This last few weeks you may have noticed my absence from blogging. There is a good reason for that. I’ve spent 90% of my time in bed. Okay, now normally that would  put a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eyes, but the only twinkle you’ll see this time is from the residue of a nasty fever.

I’ve been sick. Which means I managed to get very little writing done, as well as blogging, commenting on blogs, reading or much of anything else. Whew!

I am finally back on solid food…sort of. Toast and soup. So why haven’t I lost any weight? You just know, someone (The Universe) is laughing their ass off at me and all this…

I went to the doctor. I was so weak I couldn’t drive myself, and they actually had to go get a wheelchair for me since they said I looked like I was ready to pass out. I have no idea what I looked like, but I imagine it wasn’t pretty.

So, after a shot and a bottle of pills I was sent home. I sort of lost a couple of days somewhere in the mix, because the werebear tells me today’s Sunday. Yikes!
I really meant to have a bigger newsletter this holiday month, with more neat stuff, but quite frankly, I’m too exhausted to do neat right now. And with the holidays fast approaching and family coming in from just about everywhere to converge on my house, I have a lot to do. Urgh…maybe I’ll just slip back in bed again.