Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Beloved Music Icon is Gone

Somehow it doesn't seem possible that Davy Jones is gone. I always figured he'd be the one to outlive them all (Monkees). Condolences to his family. I continue to be a daydream believer, Davy, and I suspect your spirit lives on in another place, a more perfect, heavenly plane.

Thank you for allowing us, your fans, to share in the journey through your voice and talent.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Fun Buzz For Readers

I wanted to announce some super fun stuff coming up that I think readers will enjoy. My good friend Rachel has asked me if I'd like to participate in a huge blog promo to celebrate her upcoming book, Geared For Pleasure and of course I said YES! :-) I'll be offering up several chances to win a copy of my latest contemporary ebook, Naughty Little Secrets. Once I get a list of all the links to the blogs where her contest is featured, I'll post again here and let ya'll know. :-)

You'll also be happy to know I am working on a neat little short story that I plan to upload to Smashwords as a freebie for readers. I'll keep ya'll posted on when it'll be released.

Tomorrow is leap day and I'll be over at the Amber Heat blog talking about one of the coolest days around. Just leave a comment on my post there at the Amber Heat blog site and you'll be entered to win a neat set of tiny red dragon lady nail appliques. These are so cute, I know the winner will love them. :-)

Also I've made a few changes to my blog and my website as I continue upgrading both to reflect my growing list of ebooks and to make the blog and the website more reader friendly and fun.
Part of that is the new MixPod widgets I've added to my blog. Now you can play the soundtracks from a couple of my current and upcoming ebooks!

As you can see, Dixie (from Shimmer) loves her Modern Southern Rock. ;-)
I also added a Mixpod for Open Season and that first song, Dirty by Grendel, is one that Cora and I used to request when we'd go virtual clubbing. :p But it does fit the nightclub/dungeon scene in Open Season very well.

Until next time...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drop Your Pants...It's Laundry Day

I have a distinct aversion to laundry day. Every Sunday I gather up all the clothes in all the hampers and wonder yet again how two people with no pets or kids can create so much laundry?

Our dryer had been making the most gawd awful screeching sounds as it tumbles and we are trying to put off buying a new one until we see if the Lords and Ladies of Tax Time tell us if we are getting a refund this year. So of course, that means the "rain" must fall a little harder now.

As I toss clothes into the washer, and turn it on, the washer starts buzzing and humming, something it's never done before. Either it's trying to communicate with me (hey it could happen! ) or now the washer is joining the dryer in a sing along and I'm singing the laundry day blues.

The last time I had to use the laundromat their change machine ate my $10 bill like a piano falling off the roof of a skyscraper—super fast, and then gave no change. Grrr.

Just for once, I'd love something fun to happen on laundry some seriously hawt guy asks me if I'll help him wash his clothes and he strips nekkid. Sure, I'd be doing more laundry, but at least I'd be getting a show!

Until next time,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cass' Virtual Book Tour- Guest blogging with the Smutketeers!

Hey everybody! I'll be over at my friends' website and blog today
( ) talking about my latest release, Open Season, and sharing some seriously naughty excerpts. ;-)

I'll also be offering up a prize or two, so drop by if you can and post a comment. Hope to see you there! ((hugs))

Updated: 2/23/12
Congratulations to the winner of my Smutketeer Contest, Nancy Gilliland!
I hope you enjoy my "take" on hawt dragon shapeshifters. :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Open Season Reading Event

Today, I'll be in Second Life, reading excerpts aloud from my newest ebook, Open Season. If you'd like to attend, you need to have an account in Second Life (they're free) and a set of headphones so you can listen in.

Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Time: 4:30pm SLT
EVENT: Storytelling With Cassandra.
Excerpts from Open Season will be read in voice.

Location: Eternal Desires sim:

Hope to see you there!

Book Launch Party Winner's List!

Thank you for helping me celebrate the release of my latest book, Open Season. I had fun and I hope you did too. All the entries were placed in the witch's hat and given a good shake, so here we go...the first name drawn will be for Door Prize A:

Prize A goodie bag contains: bookmarks, pen, chocolates, fun erasers, butterfly nail emory board, heart button, magnet, goldstone dangle earrings, red dragon lapel pin, and the paperback Howling At The Moon by friends Cathy Clamp & C.T. Adams.

And the winner is... *drumroll please*

Congratulations, Menina!

The second name drawn will be for Door Prize B:
Prize B goodie bag contains: bookmarks, pen, butterfly nail emory board, chocolates, fun erasers, bumble bee button, magnet, and the paperback Howling At The Moon by friends Cathy Clamp & C.T. Adams.

And the winner is... *drumroll please*

Congratulations, Cory!

The third name drawn this morning will be for Door Prize C:
Prize C goodie bag contains: bookmarks, chocolates, fun erasers, hug bug button, magnet, and abalone pendant & earring set.

And the winner is... *drumroll please*

Congratulations, Christy!

The fourth name drawn this morning will be for Door Prize D:
Prize D goodie bag contains: bookmarks, chocolates, fun erasers, butterfly button, magnet, oval crystal pendant and earring set, black and red dragon button.

And the winner is... *drumroll please*

Congratulations, Ilona!

The fifth and final name drawn this morning will be for Door Prize E:
Prize E is: a free download of my new ebook, Open Season,
along with a copy of my ebook, Naughty Little Secrets!

And the winner is... *drumroll please*

Congratulations, Cathy!

If you didn't win a prize at my book launch party here on my blog, watch for me on Open Season's virtual book tour as I will be giving away more goodies and sharing more fun stuff and insights into the World of Cassandra Curtis!

Wednesday, Feb. 22 I will be joining the Smutketeers and talking about my newest ebook, Open Season.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie...

It's time to let our dragons get some sleep and time to say nite nite, but not until you know about the final contest today...a chance to win a download of my two most recent ebook releases, Naughty Little Secrets and Open Season (Prize #E).

Leave a comment and let me know if you are a subscriber to my newsletter group on yahoo, a follower on my FACEBOOK author page, follower of my website or blog page, or follow me on Twitter. Each "follow" gives you an extra entry, and no fibbing because dragons can sniff out a fibber from a mile away! lol.

If you don't follow any of the above, you can still enter, but you'll only get one entry. To learn how to follow me on the various social media streams, check out the links on my right sidebar. Contest ends Monday (2/20/12) at midnight! And good luck! May you tiptoe quietly past the sleeping dragons guarding the treasure chest and find shiny baubles and fun booty!


p.s. if you haven't entered or seen the other contests posted today, scroll down and check them out.

The Open Season Party Rocks On...

Hi there! If you are just now dropping by, please scroll down and read all the posts for today, so you can enter all the contests!

Warning: Adult content, excerpt. Viewer discretion advised. :D Must be over 18+ to read.

Excerpt from Open Season by Cassandra Curtis, ©2012.

Whether the humans only acted as observers, or full participants in the hunt, he knew the decision would mean sweeping changes to his people’s way of life…and his own. The opportunity to call Season his life mate should be worth any price—except her safety. He’d do anything, including push her away, to keep her safe from harm.

If he showed too much care for her welfare, or treated her any differently than other fawns he’d trained in the past, his enemies would know. The war had already placed a high a burden on him, and cost him dearly. Ignoring Season pained him, but losing her through an act of revenge or retribution for something he’d done in the war, twisted his guts in knots.

Quinn stretched, back arched, his shoulders pulled forward in preparation for the change. Dense connective tissue twined together, forming elongated fingers on the underside of his arms. Leathery membrane grew between the new cartilage and bone. Stretched from wing tip to tip, the span neared twenty feet long.

He lowered onto his haunches and gazed one last time at the building across the street. Smoke unfurled from his flared nostrils as he saw Nalita lock the heavy double doors and chain them tight. She turned, a stun-stick in her hand. Good girl. The weapon was a nasty piece of work, hard to obtain unless you had connections inside the police force or within the upper echelon of black marketers—both of which Nalita had.

“I take it we’re not driving?” Jace dropped to his knees, as similar bat-like wings sprouted from his back. His clothes dissolved beneath shiny blue and gold scales, absorbed into his very DNA matrix.

“Not this time. We fly!” Quinn stepped off the roof and soared into the emerging dawn of an amethyst streaked sky.


What colors are Jace's scales?
Leave a comment on this post with your answer to the question and you'll be entered into the drawing for prize D. Winner will be drawn from all correct entries.
Contest ends Monday, Feb. 20, 2012 at midnight. Good Luck!

Open Season Party continues...

Season version #1

When I created the heroine of my story, Open Season, I played with various looks using my own avatar in Second Life. SL (for those who are unfamiliar with virtual worlds) is a little like a 3D chat room, combined with electronic virtual paper dolls. You can dress up your avatar with clothing, hair, eyes, make-up, shoes, body shape, and skin.

Season version #2

For an author, it's a veritable paint set and character work sheet for the mind's eye. Just about anything can be created in SL and you can walk and talk, and make your avatar dance! It's really one of the neatest tools for character creation I've ever encountered.

Season version #3

I also do storytelling from my own ebooks in SL and will be reading excerpts from Open Season in voice in SL this coming Tuesday, 4:30pm SLT (which is the same as Pacific time) at the Eternal Desires sim.
The event lasts about an hour, and I'll be happy to stick around a few extra minutes for anyone who has questions about my books. :-)

If you already have an account, just log into SL and once in there, you can click on the above link and receive an invitation to be automatically teleported to the location where my event will be held. How cool is that? If you are not a member of SL, membership on the basic plan is FREE and easy to set up. To learn more, go to:

Since it's in voice, remember to bring your headphones so you can hear me during the reading, but please be courteous and leave your mic and talk button off so you and everyone else can listen to the story. I promise it'll be worth it. :D

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
4:30PM SLT

Join RL author Cassandra Curtis as she reads a selection from her latest book, Open Season. Set on a colony world in an alternate universe where dragons shapeshift into human form and take submissive lovers they call 'fawns', the story asks what we would be willing to risk to find our perfect love, and what we'd be willing to do to keep them safe.

A submissive-in-training, Season knows the boundaries, but that doesn't stop her from crossing them, or from falling in love with her master and wanting more. When the ban against life-mating between humans and Dragonkind is lifted, she jumps at the chance to enter the ritual hunt and claim her master as mate. Despite the dangers and risks, she knows their love is worth it, even if her masterful dragon doesn't.

Material is erotic in nature and meant for adult audiences. Must be 18+ to attend. Contains strong graphic sexual language. Event is in voice. Headphones required.

Open Season by Cassandra Curtis, published by Amber Heat, an imprint of Amber Quill Press, and available at Amber Heat website,, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple iTunes, and other digital booksellers on February 19, 2012 world-wide release date.

If you haven't entered the earlier contests, scroll down and read the other posts today and enter to win! A list of all the prizes being given away today can be found at the bottom of the very first party post.


Prize C is up for grabs and here's what you need to do to enter! Email me at cass [at] cassandra curtis [dot] com (no spaces) and tell me which snapshot version of my heroine Season you liked best. Please include your snail mail address so you can receive your prize. Contest ends midnight, Monday, February 20, 2012, and the winner will be announced here on my blog. Good Luck!

Book Launch Party continues...

If you haven't entered the contest for door prize A, please scroll down to the next post and place your drink order with my bartender, Manuel. ;-) If you have then you'll want to read all the posts today so you can enter all my contests. :-)

I'd like to tell you a little about how I came up with the hawtest, raciest, and raunchiest romance I've ever started with a dream. The most wicked, intense, and sizzlin' hot dream I'd ever had. In the dream, I was on a futuristic world, a colony of Earth. Except we were not the first sentient life forms to arrive. Oh no, the little planet had a native species that lived among the craggy mountains to the far north of the main space port hub.

We humans started a war on the colony world by not realizing the Dragonkind were anything more than pesky flying reptiles we had to eliminate. When they defended themselves, the fighting was on! We had technology and scared colonists with a few ex-space marines, they had the ability to blend into our pre-fab cities and strike us from the air at will in greater numbers.

By the time humans realized the creatures were sentient shapeshifters and why they didn't appreciate our presence on their world, the war had lasted years, populations of both parties decimated, forcing both sides into a stalemate, and an uneasy truce. As time passed, and new generations were born who did not participate in the war, some of the more adventurous humans developed an alliance based on shared needs. While considered taboo by most of the colonists, sexually submissive men and women chose to enter into relationships with the naturally dominant Dragons, becoming "fawns" or bottoms to their master dragon.

In the vivid dream, I was a human who owned and operated a dungeon/adult nightclub in the biggest city on the planet, and which catered to all species. When I woke up from the dream, I knew I had to use that place as the setting for a story. Thus Nalita's Dungeon Club was born. From that point, the characters started lining up for my attention, waiting (not so patiently) to be interviewed. The plot began forming after interviewing the hero of my story, Quinn Drakken.

When I closed my eyes, I could see him clearly. A sexy blend of actors Sean Faris and Joe Manganiello—only with very dark, auburn hair and of course, much older—thinking dragon years. :p

***Contest Alert***

How would you like to win a prize? Up for grabs is prize B on the list. To enter, all you have to do is email me at cass [at] cassandra curtis [dot] com (no spaces) with your snail mail address and I'll pick a winner from among all the entries I receive. This contest ends Monday, Feb. 20, 2012 at midnight. The winner will be announced here on my blog Tuesday. :-) Good Luck!

Welcome to my Book Launch for Open Season!

Open Season
by Cassandra Curtis
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-252-2 (Electronic)

A submissive-in-training, Season knows the boundaries, but that doesn’t stop her from crossing them, or from falling in love with her master and wanting more. When the ban against life-mating between humans and Dragonkind is lifted, she jumps at the chance to enter the ritual hunt and claim her master as mate. Despite the dangers and risks, she knows their love is worth it, even if her masterful dragon doesn’t.

Quinn knew accepting the position as General of the Dragon Army came with risks and that his enemies would look for any weakness they could use against him. But he never realized how fast lust could turn to love, or desire to need.

When an old foe from the war notices Quinn’s growing attraction and deeper involvement with Season, Quinn is caught between two difficult choices—pretend indifference to the woman he’s grown to love, or enter the Solstice Hunt and risk everything to claim his human mate.

Genres: Fantasy / Shapeshifter / Science Fiction / Futuristic / BDSM / Ménage (M/F/M) / Group Sex / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places 

Heat Level: 3

Warning: Adult content, excerpt. Viewer discretion advised. :D Must be over 18+ to read graphic adult content.

Excerpt from Open Season by Cassandra Curtis, ©2012.

…“You are never again to dismiss me like I’m nothing to you. Never again ignore me.”

Quinn breathed a sigh of relief, seeing love along with the hurt and fierce anger in Season’s eyes. She was pissed, but not beyond lost to him. “I apologize for that.”

“Apology accepted. I also want more than the D/s of a fawn’s sexual relationship with her master. I love the kink, but why don’t we ever have simple missionary position sex? Why don’t you enter me?”

“You know why.” Must he say it?

“Let’s pretend I don’t so you can enlighten me.”

Quinn let go of Season, and wondered how could he tell her the truth, knowing the pain it would cause?

“You know, I’ve had time to think about it all these weeks apart. I don’t believe it’s that you’re afraid you’ll get me pregnant.” She ran her hand along the inside of her right thigh, saying, “My reproductive inhibitor is still working.”

His eyes followed the path of her fingers and swallowed the sudden lump in his throat as she pulled aside the thin strip of cloth hiding her pussy and began stroking her clit. His mouth watered, wanting a taste so bad, he almost shook with need.

“I’m only a fawn, a sex toy you play with, not someone worthy of ‘marrying.’ Your kind doesn’t marry humans and you didn’t want me getting too attached to you. So you backed off. That’s it, isn’t it?”


“Save it. Like Nalita said on the message she left you, I know about the big news and I plan to enter the hunt.” She repositioned her panties, grabbed her overcoat from the hook behind the bedroom door, and slid her arms into the coat sleeves. His stomach did a funny lurch as she walked past him, setting the extra key card on the kitchen table.


“Don’t what, Quinn? Don’t go? Don’t enter the hunt?”

“I won’t be able to protect you. You’ll be fair game for any male—human or dragon—to take you.”

“That’s my problem. Not yours. Unless you agree to the new terms of our deal?” she asked, pausing at the front entrance to his aerie.

“Whether I agree or not, it makes no difference, Season. Our codes of conduct are different from human laws and traditions. The ‘missionary position,’ as you called it, must be performed the first time during the solstice hunt, and once taken by a hunter, the female is life-mated to him. I have enemies, men like Valentine, who’d love nothing more than to hurt me any way he can.”

“Then I guess I won’t be the only one in this room entering the hunt.”

“You’re dictating terms to me? In case you forgot, I’m your master.” Did she think to challenge his authority? Obviously Season had learned nothing from their training.

“Then act like it!”

Fed up with her bossy behavior and wanting her so bad his teeth ached, he rushed her, giving her no time and no warning. He curled his hand around her neck, pulling her close and slid his mouth over hers. His tongue slipped between her lips and teased her into a fevered duel.

She tasted of oranges and honey, of liquid heat and desire. Quinn released his hold and stepped back. Her eyes were dazed. She lifted a hand to her mouth and stood silent. Season had the choice to leave or stay. He had to give her that much.

Quinn watched as she slowly removed the coat and dropped to her knees in front of him. His sweet little fawn had expertly maneuvered him, topping from the bottom. He’d never had a choice, not now, and not from the moment he’d spied her at Nalita’s dungeon, acting as one of Nalita’s hostesses all those months ago, a vanilla flower amid a sea of D/s regulars.

Her feminine arousal blended with the aroma of lavender clinging to her skin. He inhaled, and the knowledge she still wanted him, needed him, made his cock swell and his balls tighten. Tonight, he’d erase the emotional hurt he’d caused, while instilling in her his knowledge of the true dangers he knew lay hidden behind the romance and thrill of the mating hunt…


My sexy bartender Manuel is ready to whip up something delicious. Please place your drink order in the comments on this post. By ordering a virtual drink you are entering the drawing for DoorPrizeA. Please include your email (use spaces if you want to) underneath your drink of choice, so I can contact you if you win. :D

More contests and games added throughout the day, so try to drop back by and enter to win!

Prize A goodie bag contains: bookmarks, pen, chocolates, fun erasers, butterfly nail emory board, heart button, magnet, goldstone dangle earrings, red dragon lapel pin, and the paperback Howling At The Moon by friends Cathy Clamp & C.T. Adams.

Prize B goodie bag contains: bookmarks, pen, butterfly nail emory board, chocolates, fun erasers, bumble bee button, magnet, and the paperback Howling At The Moon by friends Cathy Clamp & C.T. Adams.

Prize C goodie bag contains: bookmarks, chocolates, fun erasers, hug bug button, magnet, and abalone pendant & earring set.

Prize D goodie bag contains: bookmarks
, chocolates, fun erasers, butterfly button, magnet, oval crystal pendant and earring set, black and red dragon button.

Prize E is: a free download of my new ebook, Open Season,
along with a copy of my ebook, Naughty Little Secrets!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Congratulations to my AQP Valentine's Day Winner...

The Valentine's Day winner of my AQP contest at the Amber Heat Reader's Loop is... Renee Shook! Congrats! You've won a free pick from my backlist of ebooks!

Tomorrow is the book launch for my newest ebook, Open Season! There will be contests and door prizes, so I hope you can attend! :-)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Birthday Contest Winner!

The winner of my birthday contest is...
**drumroll please**

Rhonda D.

Congrats, Rhonda!

Watch for my email and
remember to check back for more contest fun
on my blog this weekend and enter to win!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Fun plus Contest!

Yeppers, today is my birthday. I'm 39. What, you aren't buying that? It worked for Jack Benny. lol. Okay, would ya believe 43? No? Well, considering a lot of folks under 36 don't even know who the heck Jack Benny is, err was, I guess not. But I think it's a rule that you have to fudge on your age when you reach a certain point, so I've always liked the number 47 and figure I might as well go retrograde. lol.

The neat thing is that in my family, someone in each generation is always born on February 16th. No idea why, but that's just how it is. Not like anyone timed it on purpose. lol.

In my generation, I'm it. My Aunt Patsy (Dad's sister) was also born on Feb. 16, and my Dad's Uncle John (my great uncle) was also born on Feb. 16th. Just another weird family quirk, but one that makes me feel connected to all the generations of my ancestors.

Another tradition is the cake. Although I love chocolate, and fudge, and frosting — in my family, the traditional birthday cake is pineapple upside down and since it's the only time I usually have it, that makes it even more special. With my mum gone (RIP), my sister (who likes to bake) over in Oz, it looks like I'll be making my own birthday cake again. Bear (my dh) offered to buy me a small ready made yellow cake, but it's not the same and they never taste as good as homemade.

I really don't mind, but Bear has always thought it was odd for me to fix my own cake. Of course, this year since I am on the HCG diet, I am also fixing it with stevia. Plus, on the diet I cannot eat out in restaurants, so I fixed turkey dinner and made enough so I won't have to cook tomorrow. I imagine most of you reading this are cringing. Leftovers for your birthday dinner? But it's not so bad, plus come this summer when I can squeeze my fat ass into a size 16/18 swimsuit (fingers crossed) it will have all been worth it.

My sister is going to try and get off work early, and Bear and I are meeting her at the multiplex. I've been wanting to see the movie based on Janet Evanovich's book, One For The Money. I've always been a fan of the Stephanie Plum series since Janet's first book came out, back in 1994.

Now, for the contest. To help me celebrate my birthday, please leave a comment on my blog and let me know which book (by any author) you'd like to see made into a movie, and also which one of my backlisted ebooks you'd like if you're picked as my winner. If you're not sure which one you'd want, click the tab at the top and go to my website and select books and pull down until you see erotic romance. All my books are listed there. The only exception is Open Season since it won't be out until Sunday. My contest ends Friday morning, so get those comments in. :-) Good luck!

Oh and check back this weekend for my Book Launch Party when I will be giving away copies of Open Season and some other fun stuff here on my blog. See ya then. *waves*

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spend Valentine's Day With Me and A Few Of My Friends

What are you doing on Valentine's Day?

Come chat with us on the Amber Quill Heat Readers loop on Valentine's Day. Authors will be giving away free ebooks, jewelry, an AQP gift certificate, candy, and more. Chatting, excerpts, recipes, and a whole lot of "heartfelt" fun awaits. Sign up now and get ready for more great events coming soon. Don't miss out!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Neat Dragon Goodies

Getting ready for the fun party and book launch (Feb 19th) of my latest ebook, Open Season. I've got several goodies planned to give away and wanted to share a few of the neat things my promo bf is cooking up for me.

I will be giving away a very cool dragon button pin on the 19th here on my blog, along with a copy of my ebook Open Season to one lucky winner, and in Second Life, I'll be reading excerpts from Open Season and giving away "virtual" Open Season unisex tank tops, and a really cool red dragon tattoo layer your avatar can wear in SL.

Neat huh? I hope you can join me on the 19th. It's sure to be fun!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Imbolc!

Brigit of the Fire

Gather round the hearth, my friends, for 'tis bitter cold outside. I will regale you with a story that has been passed down in my mother's family since the old ones gathered in a circle and lit the first bonfire or wove the first stalks of wheat.

In a hidden glen, in the east of Eire, the chosen came to tend a fire first lit long before they were born. They were young and old alike, married and single. And while the menfolk fought to defend the land from invaders, or hunted for food amid the frozen lakes and snowy woods, these women had a purpose as vital as their men.

They kept the power of fire constant. It was said that so long as the eternal flame burned bright, Ireland and her people would survive. It was a promise made to them by the goddess, Brigit of Fire. Without her flame, raw meat could not be cooked, and the village could fall prey to disease, the dark of night would not change to a harbinger of light and spring.

Around the home fire, the oral traditions of my people were alive and well, as the men told of their bravery in battle, or their journey, and songs were sung to honor the goddess of fire.

In time, this day, February 2, became known in Ireland as Brigit's Day and in Scotland as Bride's Day, (February 2 is also known as Candlemas or Imbolc). Dried sheaths of wheat and corn were woven into special crosses called Brigit's Cross. These would be made in honor of the goddess and hung in each house to ask Brigit for her protection from the cold, illness, and from hunger.

Brigit is a triple goddess, with three different aspects. She is patroness of poets and writers, a goddess of inspiration, learning, divination, witchcraft, and the arcane. She is also a goddess of smithcraft, and patroness for those who create any crafts. Her final aspect of is that of healer, as a goddess of healing, herbs, and medicine. She is also associated with animals and thermal springs.

Centuries later, another Brigit would keep the home fires burning. In Cill Dara, there lived a group of women, nuns they were. And they were lead by a woman who was wise beyond her years. She knew the old ways, and kept them despite pressure from the church. It was important for the people to keep the fires burning, and this new Brigit made sure they were always tended, lest their flame burn out and Ireland fall.

Today, she is honored as St. Brigit. Many believe she was the old goddess of fire born anew. But whatever you believe, she was a remarkable woman.

So on this day, when the snow coats the land and the wind howls with bitter force, know that the chosen still tend the fire for us all, and that the blessing of Brigit and of spring, await.
Faoi bhrat Bhride sinn!
May you be under Brigit's mantle!