Thursday, July 29, 2010

What If Your Urban Fantasy Isn't Urban?

I love the hybrid of modern fantasy and paranormal, but what if the story you're reading doesn't fit within the 'urban' aspect of the genre? Why do so many books from this new breed of fantasy have to take place in a big city setting?

I'm sure paranormal events with paranormal beings happen everywhere. Look at Bigfoot. He's not a New York City or L.A. fixture (at least I don't think so although you may have dated his cousin recently, lol). He's out in his natural environment, doing whatever makes a sasquatch happy out in the woods. :P

So why don't we see more country or suburban fantasy novels?  Do readers relate more to the gritty grime and dark alleyways of the urban myth and legend? Oh, btw, if you see Sash, tell him I'm still waiting for that one on one interview a la Barbara Walters.

Until next time ~

Monday, July 26, 2010

Daze Go By

 I am in the writing cave, feverishly working on a story that should've been finished weeks ago, but between mum in and out of hospital and other personal problems, time simply slipped away and now I am hustling my backside to recoup lost time—wah! Also kinda worried. My next youngest sister is undergoing surgery today and I am fretting about her. I keep looking at the clock and wondering when my brother-in-law or nephew will call me and tell me she's in the recovery room and okay.

Yes, my focus is divided. But deadlines are deadlines and I hate missing one, so I'd better get my mind back on my characters and stop looking at the clock. But before I go, could you help me? I need to refocus and that means I need someone to crack the whip.

Ahh, much better. lol. Thanks. :D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Full Moon Tonight!

The stars are shining bright, there is a full moon tonight.
Beneath the glow, you'll see your dreams flow,
And magick, both dark and light,
Be cast under the flicker of twilight.

May you be blessed tonight and wish upon a falling star.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My First Contest On My New Blog

Starting today, if you say hi and follow my blog, you'll be entered into a chance to receive winner's choice of 4 ebooks from my backlist of titles! Winner will be picked at random from among all my new blog followers. Send the link below and tell your friends!

Contest ends July 31, 2010, so drop by soon, before the month is out and you could win your pick of the litter. ;-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun Stuff Planned For Tomorrow

Relaxing a bit and looking forward to tomorrow night when Cora and I will be in the Midnight Moon Cafe's Chat Pit, doing tarot card readings for friends and fans. With the full moon approaching it should be a very neat time to do readings with lots of lunar energy. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010
10pm eastern/9pm central

As you can see I am still trying to figure out how to migrate my blog, but you have to admit, this new blog's taking shape and looking good, all things considered. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Long Overdue Update

I decided an update to my website and blog is long overdue, and since it's easier (at least I thought it would be) to update my blog first, you're getting a sneak peek at what I've managed so far. Not bad, but nowhere near finished. Speaking of unfinished, I better get back to my wip. Eeps!

Until next time...

p.s. How the heck do I transfer all my old WP blog posts to this one, or is that even possible? Oh and how do I get this blog to show up in my WP website's menu bar? Yes, I am technically challenged and living in a complex technical world. But thanks for reminding me! :P