Monday, March 5, 2007


Or maybe the correct term would be geesed since there were more than one. Yes, I was the victim of a fly-by geesing.

I was minding my own business, when I heard a cacophony right outside my window. I looked out at my yard and there had to be twenty-three and a half geese outside! I say half, because one of them looked ready for labor. Or else they didn’t watch where they’d sat and got an egg stuck somewhere unpleasant…but I digress…

Oh–yes–the geese. The sound was so loud I couldn’t hear myself think, let alone write. So I opened my window and asked them quite politely to reduce the volume or I’d be forced to chase them off with my broom.

I swear I think one of them gave me the bird!

Anyway, I went out there, sans broom, and yelled at them to leave. They ignored me and went about their usual business. Not sure exactly what business that is, but it kinda resembled an Amway meeting.

So, I flapped my arms like wings and ran around, thinking to scare them off. The Canadian judge gave me a 8.75. I think I would have scored more, except for my less than perfect lift-off.
Who knew that they counted off for hopping?

The geese didn’t budge. Worse, they started pecking me and chased me back into my own house.
I went back into my room and sat at my desk, trying to ignore them. Oh, but that wasn’t good enough for them. No, they started pecking at my window and making crude gestures! Grrr.

That’s when it hit me. These were teenage geese! The troublemakers of their flock no doubt.
So I went into my iPOD and decided to drown them out with something no teenager likes. And then I spotted it–Polka! Oh yeah, that will teach them! I slipped the iPOD into my new iSound speakers and let her rip! Take that you naughty goose and gander!

Within a few minutes they flew off and I was able to get back to my work in progress.
Saved by Polka. Now, the weird part is I have no idea how a Polka song got onto my iPOD?