Monday, April 10, 2006

Sex With Salsa

My college pal and long time friend Jan, emailed me last night with a question. Would salsa burn the skin? Huh? Was she going to pop it in the microwave first or something?

No, she said she just wondered because her current studly liked to do body shots with the hot blend of salsa.

Well, I know that some chile peppers contain more “heat” and the juice and seeds can irritate and even blister the skin if kept in direct contact—but would the salsa? I just didn’t know. I suggested she coax him to try a milder version.

Then I told her if she gave it a try, I wanted all the details! LOL

I just know that somehow this will end up in one of my stories.
Don’t you just love adventurous friends? ;-)

*Update* Jan spilled some of the details later that week, which I won't repost on this blog, but the advice she gave was to do a skin test first and make sure you're not going to get a reaction you don't want.  Eeps! Also, about four months after dating her sexy salsa king, they broke up. In the intervening years I've tried to play matchmaker, with no luck. Finally, in 2010, she met the man of her dreams and they've been dating ever since. Congrats, Jan. Wishing you the best as always.


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