Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Animal Totems and Spirit Guides

I’ve always been interested in animal totems and animal spirit guides. Many years ago, I was told by a Native American shaman that while I will have many animal guides in my life, my main animal guide is the manatee.

Since I’ve held a fondness and an affinity for that particular animal since I was a child, I found the shaman’s words very powerful. Of all of Mother Nature’s children, he named the one I’d loved since I first learned of them when I was three.

I collect manatee figurines and other manatee related items. They can be quite hard to find, since it’s not every day you can go into a gift shop and find manatees.

So I was happily surprised and thrilled when I received a box in the mail from good friend and fellow writer T. Sue VerSteeg, and it contained the most lovely carved stone agate manatee.

Being technically-challenged, I can’t get the picture I took of the stone manatee to upload for some reason, but hopefully I’ll plead with hubby, and see if he’ll take pity on me and help me out. LOL.

Anyway, I love manatees and if you love them too, you should know that manatees are still endangered and need our help.

If you want to learn more about manatees and what is being done to help them, and find out how you can help, please click on the link listed HERE.

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