Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cold Weather Soup Making

With the cold snap sweeping through the southeast, I’ve been fixing a lot of soup. Sometimes I get lazy and open a can, but the salt intake is insane in most canned and pre-packaged soups, so I do it all old school and homemade when I can. Here is a basic recipe for Irish potato soup, and it’s what is on the menu for today at my house:

On the writing front, I am editing a few stories and weeding through old projects that somehow were overlooked. I do think a few have a possibility of getting published. ::keeping fingers crossed::
For those of you who know me through Second Life, I have been busy decorating the beach house and minding the prims best I can. I think it’s really wild how something can look very cute and innocent and then ya check and the sucker is like 44 prim! Ouch! So the new watchword I’ve come up with is: Primmage.

Definition: The amount of prim either allocated or available for use on a parcel. The amount of prim used. Referenced: Second Life.

Example: Oh wow, I had no idea that tiny fruit bowl was 44 prim! I am already smacking my primmage limits. lol.

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