Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seahorse Races - Giddy Up!

seahorse race track sign_001

Last Sunday, I raced at the new Sea Horse Race Track in Tokara, at Trilla’s and wow, I had a blast! I even won one of the heats, but these were race trials to prepare for the Oceania Derby coming up in two weeks. Woot!

seahorse races_001

I’m the pink haired mermaid in the middle of the picture, linging up at the starting gate waiting for the buzzer. :) My little white seahorse Nibbler was ready and rarin’ to go. :grins:

The picture above is of the stands where spectators can view the race. I had just run in a heat and was visiting with some of the mers who watched the race. I am in the foreground, (the mermaid pretty in pink–lol).

seahorse races_004
They also held small riding snail races, and two of my friends posed for this picture. Those were some fast snails, I tells ya. :)

If you would like to try your hand at small riding snail racing, this is the place to get them:
Get your free snails at

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