Monday, August 2, 2010

Total Boot Lust

I know admitting it is the first step. Okay, here it goes...whew....I have a serious lust for boots. For some reason, I always feel prettier, sexier, more in control, when I wear boots. The problem is my feet are not the same as they used to be when I was a teenager. They flattened out, grew wider, and trying to wear boots now in real life is nearly impossible for me ( I need a special type of shoe contour and really good arch support, aka diabetic shoes). Yes, middle age sucks. Back in the day, I wore Candies and Jellies, stiletto heels and the most incredible pair of thigh high boots. Now I can only look at them in store windows and lust.

But I did find an odd substitute. You see, in the virtual world of Second Life, I can wear some of the most wonderful, gorgeous, and insanely painful-looking footwear. Amazing how it satisfies my craving. :)

Baby Monkey, Ultimate Zsa Zsa Boots in Zebra Print

Barbarella, Leather Boots in Black

Lost Boots i
n Black Smoke

Until next time...

~ Cass

1 comment:

Estella said...

Great looking boots!
I can't wear them either.