Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dream Interpretation Workshop

I've always been interested in dreams and what they mean. I've taken workshops on the subject and read numerous books in an attempt to discover if my dreams have any significance or if I simply shouldn't eat eggs and chips after midnight. lol.

I love to hear about other people's dreams and help them figure out what their subconscious mind is trying to communicate.

Dreams are also the perfect vehicle to let our imaginations take flight. Many authors use parts of their dreams to color the imaginary world of their books, to add and enrich the art of storytelling and storycraft.

Do you dream in color? Are your dreams more like still frame snapshots? Or full-blown movies with an orchestra? Or maybe your dreams warn you of coming events? Do you remember your dreams at all? Or are they more like faint visions that disappear like mist?

If you have an account in Second Life and would like to attend my workshop and learn more about your dream time, please mark your calendar, because this Thursday, I will be in SL at Fig, Haunted Fruit Island, talking about dreams and what they mean. :-)

Thursday, May 19, 2011
3pm SLT

Hope to see you there!


Mary Kirkland said...

I used to see a therapist for years because I had Night Terrors, nightmares and insomnia for years. I have a nightmare every single night, even though I have at least three dreams that I can remember each night, one of them is always a nightmare. My therapist once went to a professor at the local college and had him talk to me about my dreams because I have so many nightmares and the Night terrors used to be so bad. But all they could come up with is that I have unresolved anger issues. I stopped seeing the therapist soon after...but still have nightmares every night. They just don't bother me anymore, I'm used to them now.

Cassandra said...

Hi Mary!

Thanks for posting. Hmm, nightmares are often (but not always) a sign of unresolved issues. You may have to delve deep and see where it takes you. That doesn't mean it's an anger issue necessarily, but it could be you simply need some closure. ((hugs))

In the meanwhile, you can try the technique of lucid dreaming to change the outcomes of your dreams. And you can always simply accept the situation and use it to your advantage by writing horror novels. It worked for Lovecraft. ;-)

Another idea is to place a dream catcher above the head of your bed. A small blessings wouldn't hurt either.

Hoping your future dreams are all happy and fun.


Mary Kirkland said...

Thanks Cass.

L.K. Campbell said...

Years ago, before I was married my sister and I shared a house together. I had frequent nightmares in which I'd wake up and see a strange man staring in the window at me and sometimes he would break into the window and attack me in the bed. I'd wake up screaming. After we moved out of that house, I never had those dreams again, and...here's the eerie part...some of the neighbors told me that one of the previous tenants of the house was a woman who was battered and stalked by her ex-husband. I believe in the phenomenon of psychic traces, and I think that somehow I was tapping in to that woman's terror. Maybe I'm crazy, but that's just my theory.

Cassandra said...

Oh wow, L.K.! I think it could be your subconscious did indeed pick up on the residual energy left in the house. I've found that residual hauntings often repeat themselves and it not all 'hauntings' are caused by ghosts of the dead. If the negative energy is strong enough, it can linger. Your waking mind may not know why you are frightened or unsettled in the house or in that particular room, but the subconscious picks up on things we readily dismiss.

Heather said...

I go through cycles of crazy, active, vivid (color) dreams - and yes, I can usually remember bits of them, sometimes entire scenes. I have also dreamed events or entire conversations that came to pass, more so when I was younger than I do now. And, while I am often aware that I am dreaming, I'm not usually able to affect the outcome.

I've only ever had one night terror that I can remember, and had two recuring dreams when I was in middle and HS. What's really weird is that my best friend in HS also had one of those recuring dreams - the same setting and events, but the dream ended differently for her than it did for me - which, I think, speaks to our different personalities.