Wednesday, October 21, 2015

13 Shapeshifters You Should Get To Know *Contest*

In this book and movie quiz, you have to name either the character, the movie, the book, the author, the director, or the setting, depending on the question. Each correct answer gets 5 points. The winner is the person with the most points at the end (10/24/15). If the book was made into a movie or the movie was based on a book, and you spot it,  let us know in your answers, you get double points for that question! Also, some questions have a bonus round you can answer, to gain more points!

Answers should be sent to and don't post them here!

The contest ends midnight Saturday, October 24, 2015.* The winner will be announced here on my blog and on my FB author page. In case of a tie, each participant will be asked a tie breaker question, until the winner is determined.

And what, you ask, is the prize? The first prize winner will get a $10 Amazon gift card, a copy of my latest ebook, The Midnight Effect, along with a Midnight Effect pin and a Midnight Effect magnet. Second prize will get a copy of The Midnight Effect, along with a Midnight Effect pin and a Midnight Effect magnet.

Ready to start?

1. Who directed the movie An American Werewolf in London?
Bonus! What city was the setting for the second An American Werewolf movie?

2. In the movie, The Howling, the psychiatrist sends the heroine and her husband to this secluded resort in the countryside where he sends patients for treatment. Name the resort.

3. In my story Beneath A Midnight Sea, name my Selkie warrior hero.

4. Temptation comes in many forms. In this 2007 movie, teenage werewolf Vivian has been promised to Gabriel. But when Aiden, an American (human) in Romania researching werewolves for the next edition of his magazine, meets Vivian, they fall in love. Name the movie.

5. What is the name of the werewolf series written by author N.J. Walters?
Bonus! Name at least three of her heroes.

6. Who wrote the wonderfully humorous dragon shapeshifter romance, Dragon Actually?

7. I wrote my own (less humorous) dragon shapeshifter story, entitled____________?

8. Name the type of shapeshifters portrayed in the movie, LadyHawke. (The title should give you a hint at one in case if you never saw the flick).

9. What city is the setting for the 1982 movie, Cat People?

10. In Shelley Laurenston's book Wolf With Benefits, name at least two other types of shifters that appear in the book.
Bonus! Name the series.

11.  In my El Lobizon series, I pit two rival packs against the other, The Dayshifters and The Wolfen. The series explores the differences between the classic werewolf and the animal shapeshifters commonly found in books and movies today. Name at least one difference between the two types of shifters.
Bonus! Can you name the second book in my EL Lobizon series (slated for release this winter). 

12. What type of animal shapeshifters are in my story The Deal Breaker?

13. Just for fun, I wrote an animal mash-up character in my short story Stroke It. Can you name what type of wild hybrid hero I created?
Bonus! Can you name his occupation?

Good Luck!

**Must be 18+ to enter. The odds of winning depend upon the number of participants. Contest void where prohibited by law. It is the participant’s responsibility to check the blog to see if their name is announced as a winner, and contact Cassandra in order to claim the prize. Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of contest winning announcement. If not claimed within 30 days, the prize will either be added to another contest, or a second chance drawing at my discretion.  Not responsible for lost/stolen mail.

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Cassandra said...

This contest is now closed. There was no winner, as I had no entries come in before the deadline (or after, lol) So I will hold the prizes, at my discretion, and add them to a future contest either on my blog, my newsletter, or Facebook, or Twitter. Cass