Sunday, August 7, 2016

A much needed update...

For those unaware or who don't follow me on Facebook, I've been undergoing several life changes and have had to readjust my writing schedule to fit my new circumstances. Both my health and my husband Bear's health have had setbacks this year, but in true CeCe fashion, I am taking it in stride and dealing with whatever comes my way, both the bad and the good. 

But I am officially shouting out to the universe, good is better and I want more of that, please! :)

Also, with the closing of my former publisher, I've been doing rewrites and edits, trying to get those books back out on the shelves as it is my biggest backlist. I hope to add to that backlist with new stories coming out as well. BTW, Thank you to my readers for being so kind and patient with me as life progresses. ((hugs))

Until next time,

*photo is of the lovely hand blown glass flowers in one of Bear's doctor's office. 

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