Monday, July 26, 2010

Daze Go By

 I am in the writing cave, feverishly working on a story that should've been finished weeks ago, but between mum in and out of hospital and other personal problems, time simply slipped away and now I am hustling my backside to recoup lost time—wah! Also kinda worried. My next youngest sister is undergoing surgery today and I am fretting about her. I keep looking at the clock and wondering when my brother-in-law or nephew will call me and tell me she's in the recovery room and okay.

Yes, my focus is divided. But deadlines are deadlines and I hate missing one, so I'd better get my mind back on my characters and stop looking at the clock. But before I go, could you help me? I need to refocus and that means I need someone to crack the whip.

Ahh, much better. lol. Thanks. :D


Cora Zane said...

I hope all goes well with your sister and the writing. I'm wrapping up the wolves today, and I plan to do some brainstorming on the new project tonight. BTW, I stole your whip just in case I need to crack it over one of us later. :P LOL!!!

Anna (VampChix) said...

I'll send plenty of positive energy your way! Good luck with writing and family.

Cassandra said...

Thanks! I managed to write 4 pages on Mr. Hawtness, my contemporary, and edited 1 page on Open Season, my dragon shapeshifter, bdsm story.Still have to write the final two chapters of Yule Tide, my mermaid story that's due before August 31. Eeps! I am so glad ya'll came by to crack that whip. I surely need it!


Mary Kirkland said...

I hope all goes well with your sister. I'll be sending good thoughts your way. I can't wait to read your Dragon Shapeshifter book when it's available.