Thursday, July 29, 2010

What If Your Urban Fantasy Isn't Urban?

I love the hybrid of modern fantasy and paranormal, but what if the story you're reading doesn't fit within the 'urban' aspect of the genre? Why do so many books from this new breed of fantasy have to take place in a big city setting?

I'm sure paranormal events with paranormal beings happen everywhere. Look at Bigfoot. He's not a New York City or L.A. fixture (at least I don't think so although you may have dated his cousin recently, lol). He's out in his natural environment, doing whatever makes a sasquatch happy out in the woods. :P

So why don't we see more country or suburban fantasy novels?  Do readers relate more to the gritty grime and dark alleyways of the urban myth and legend? Oh, btw, if you see Sash, tell him I'm still waiting for that one on one interview a la Barbara Walters.

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