Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Farewell to Anne McCaffrey

In 1978, I happened by a bookstore and spotted a book cover that captured my imagination. I stood there in the shop and read the first few pages. I was hooked and even though it was a hardback by an author I'd never read before, I bought it. As I recall, I read the book in a single weekend. The book was The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey. I soon bought all her backlist and every subsequent book she released.

I was lucky enough to meet Ms. McCaffrey in person at a conference back in the 80's and got her to sign my copy of The White Dragon. There was a line behind me and I didn't want to monopolize her time (not to mention piss off the people standing behind me, some of which had pointy things in their hands—Ouch!), but I remember saying all the gushing fan girl stuff she probably heard ad nauseum during these types of events. I think I even told her how I would love to write a story one day and maybe get it published. When she finished signing the book and pushed it toward me, a million things ran through my mind that I wanted to say to her. Instead, the words, "Blessed be," popped out of my mouth, as I stepped away. That's when she truly looked at me. She smiled and said, "Thank you, and blessings to you."

Rest In Peace, Anne.
You inspired me to take hold of my dreams and make them happen.

Anne Inez McCaffrey
April 1, 1926 – November 21, 2011
The Dragon Queen flies free!

There was a memorial for Anne McCaffrey held in Second Life the other day and although I've been offline the past couple of days with internet issues, my good friend and fellow McCaffrey fan, Jan attended and was nice enough to send me the following snapshots from the memorial.

She said that everyone who was there were given actual 'keening' gestures and they all cried out in unison. A harper and a singer also performed at the memorial according to her, and then afterward everyone was invited to a dragon dance in celebration of her life.


Carolina Valdez said...

I don't recall how I found McCaffrey's first book, but it was a series I really enjoyed. It was also a series my youngest son loved. It gave us a special reading bond when he was a young teen.

I'm sorry to see her life come to a close.

Cassandra said...

What a lovely story to share! I think it's wonderful how her books brought people together and in your case, made it a special bonding moment for you and your son. ((hugs))