Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Year In Passing

Today marks the first anniversary of my beloved mum passing away. In some ways, it seems as though just yesterday we talked on the phone, I can hear her voice, feel the love spread over me like a warm blanket when I'm cold and alone.

Whenever I thought about what I'd do to commemorate the day, I always imagined driving up to the little country cemetery where both of my parents and also my dad's parents and great-grandparents are buried. I could see myself and my sister laying roses on their graves, a ritual of love and remembrance...

But in life, things don't always go as planned. My sister is at a doctor's appt. (her son drove her since I couldn't) and I am home sick with some weird flu germ. Just typing this blog post is about wearing me out. To say I feel useless is an understatement. I hate not keeping promises.

Near the bottom of their gravestone, reads the inscription: Gone But Not Forgotten.

I may not be there in person to lay roses at their graves today, but I think they know we won't forget them, no matter what else happens in our lives.

Blessings to those we've all loved and lost, may they rest in peace.


Mary Kirkland said...

You're post here made me cry. I just lost my mom this past June and it's like it was yesterday for me. They are always with us.

Cassandra said...

((hugs)) Didn't mean to make anyone cry. I seem to do enough of that lately to float a boat. And you're so right. They are always with us.