Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drop Your Pants...It's Laundry Day

I have a distinct aversion to laundry day. Every Sunday I gather up all the clothes in all the hampers and wonder yet again how two people with no pets or kids can create so much laundry?

Our dryer had been making the most gawd awful screeching sounds as it tumbles and we are trying to put off buying a new one until we see if the Lords and Ladies of Tax Time tell us if we are getting a refund this year. So of course, that means the "rain" must fall a little harder now.

As I toss clothes into the washer, and turn it on, the washer starts buzzing and humming, something it's never done before. Either it's trying to communicate with me (hey it could happen! ) or now the washer is joining the dryer in a sing along and I'm singing the laundry day blues.

The last time I had to use the laundromat their change machine ate my $10 bill like a piano falling off the roof of a skyscraper—super fast, and then gave no change. Grrr.

Just for once, I'd love something fun to happen on laundry some seriously hawt guy asks me if I'll help him wash his clothes and he strips nekkid. Sure, I'd be doing more laundry, but at least I'd be getting a show!

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