Sunday, February 19, 2012

Open Season Party continues...

Season version #1

When I created the heroine of my story, Open Season, I played with various looks using my own avatar in Second Life. SL (for those who are unfamiliar with virtual worlds) is a little like a 3D chat room, combined with electronic virtual paper dolls. You can dress up your avatar with clothing, hair, eyes, make-up, shoes, body shape, and skin.

Season version #2

For an author, it's a veritable paint set and character work sheet for the mind's eye. Just about anything can be created in SL and you can walk and talk, and make your avatar dance! It's really one of the neatest tools for character creation I've ever encountered.

Season version #3

I also do storytelling from my own ebooks in SL and will be reading excerpts from Open Season in voice in SL this coming Tuesday, 4:30pm SLT (which is the same as Pacific time) at the Eternal Desires sim.
The event lasts about an hour, and I'll be happy to stick around a few extra minutes for anyone who has questions about my books. :-)

If you already have an account, just log into SL and once in there, you can click on the above link and receive an invitation to be automatically teleported to the location where my event will be held. How cool is that? If you are not a member of SL, membership on the basic plan is FREE and easy to set up. To learn more, go to:

Since it's in voice, remember to bring your headphones so you can hear me during the reading, but please be courteous and leave your mic and talk button off so you and everyone else can listen to the story. I promise it'll be worth it. :D

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
4:30PM SLT

Join RL author Cassandra Curtis as she reads a selection from her latest book, Open Season. Set on a colony world in an alternate universe where dragons shapeshift into human form and take submissive lovers they call 'fawns', the story asks what we would be willing to risk to find our perfect love, and what we'd be willing to do to keep them safe.

A submissive-in-training, Season knows the boundaries, but that doesn't stop her from crossing them, or from falling in love with her master and wanting more. When the ban against life-mating between humans and Dragonkind is lifted, she jumps at the chance to enter the ritual hunt and claim her master as mate. Despite the dangers and risks, she knows their love is worth it, even if her masterful dragon doesn't.

Material is erotic in nature and meant for adult audiences. Must be 18+ to attend. Contains strong graphic sexual language. Event is in voice. Headphones required.

Open Season by Cassandra Curtis, published by Amber Heat, an imprint of Amber Quill Press, and available at Amber Heat website,, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple iTunes, and other digital booksellers on February 19, 2012 world-wide release date.

If you haven't entered the earlier contests, scroll down and read the other posts today and enter to win! A list of all the prizes being given away today can be found at the bottom of the very first party post.


Prize C is up for grabs and here's what you need to do to enter! Email me at cass [at] cassandra curtis [dot] com (no spaces) and tell me which snapshot version of my heroine Season you liked best. Please include your snail mail address so you can receive your prize. Contest ends midnight, Monday, February 20, 2012, and the winner will be announced here on my blog. Good Luck!

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