Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Finds: Cold Moon Dead Cozy Mystery

I hope readers of this blog have discovered new to you authors with awesome deals and fantastic books this month as I've celebrated and featured September suspense thrillers and mysteries. I have one more to share, but you better grab it quick, because the sale ends soon!

Cold Moon Dead
by J.M. Griffin

Telling Vinnie Esposito to stay out of trouble is like telling a wolf not to howl at the moon.

But you can't blame Vinnie this time. She's just trying to be a Good Samaritan. How is Vinnie supposed to know that the little old lady, stranded at the side of the road, is a carjacker? And when Vinnie helps her artist friend paint a mural in a big, fancy mansion-how is she supposed to know that the owner is the biggest, most notorious, mobster in the state? And she can't help it when she finds a dead body at the art show.

And next thing you know her parents are fighting; and her boyfriend, hunky State Trooper Marcus Richmond, is mad at her; and her sexy, upstairs tenant, FBI agent Aaron Grant, is up to something.

And Vinnie has to make everything right.

But before she does that, it's going to get even more wrong.

On sale for .99cents until Sunday, 9/29/13.

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