Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Finds: PNR Dragons

There's just something about dragons and dragon shapeshifters. Maybe it's the primitive reptilian part of our brain being activated, or the idea of being an virgin offering (yeah right, go on and laugh) to a lusty dragon shifter, but there is an almost magical connection to these mythical beasts that cannot be denied.

My own dragon tale, Open Season, is less fantasy and more science fiction based, but it's definitely romance.

As a reader, I cannot get enough sexy dragons and am so glad I discovered a neat deal on the book below. Check it out and pick it up before they raise the price, because right now it's only .99¢!

Serpent's Kiss
Deborah Cooke

Genre: Paranormal Romance
.99¢ sale price ends May 12, 2015

One spark can banish every shadow in his heart.

The dragon shape shifter Thorolf is known for an impressive lineage, raw power in battle, and the impulsive indulgence of his appetites. The last has made him an outcast from his fellow Pyr, and even his hunt for their dangerous opponent, the Slayer Chen, hasn’t helped. Seduced by Chen’s ally Viv Jason, Thorolf finds himself drawn into a trap, as bait to lure his fellow Pyr to extinction.

The only one to come to his aid is a woman he already knows to be a thief—does he dare to trust her with not just his own life but the survival of his kind?

Chandra has planned for centuries for a battle against evil that she knows will determine the world’s future. She’s never wasted time on the pleasures of the physical realm, much less experienced passion—until the firestorm sparks between herself and Thorolf, demanding more from her than she ever expected to give. Will the firestorm provide new power, or be a dangerous distraction that gives Chen the chance to triumph over the Pyr forever?

This edition includes a list of The Next Generation, as well as excerpts from Firestorm Forever and Fallen.

AMAZON: To purchase the ebook go to:
*paperback* and select the ebook option.



Cathy Spangler said...

Serpent's Kiss looks awesome. I looked it up on Amazon, and it says Volume 10. Do I need to read the others first?

Cassandra said...

Hi Cathy,

Serpent's Kiss can be read as a stand alone, but I always prefer reading books in a series in chronological order. :) If the first book is good (and in Deborah's case, wow is it ever) I then usually go crazy and buy all the rest in one fell swoop. lol