Friday, June 16, 2006

One little sip…the nature of the Cup of Fate

Bryn thought she was humoring her friend. Not turning her life inside out and upside down. Not playing into the hands of destiny–of fate…with one little sip.

The Cup of Fate is a special teacup, a magickal artifact that can transcend time and space, even dimensions for a select few. It alters the path of your life, creates a new future, especially for you.

Then it sends you on your way. There is no going back. And your life will never be the same again.
Many of you have come so close with your guesses. It does, in a sense tell you your future.

But more than that, it creates the path of your future, much like the cauldron of transformation and creation. And like the suitcase which depicts travel, it will send you where it wants you to be, whether you like it or not. :) It does not create the hero for you. Or you for the hero. And yet…it does act as matchmaker. It alters the path you were about to take, shifts it and sets you upon a new course with a none too gentle prod.

The Cup disturbs the calm and serene flow of space/time and dimension; transporting you to another realm where nothing is as it seems.

So, what exactly is the Cup of Fate? It is raw, limitless, ancient power, enchanted into a delicate, deceptively fragile-looking teacup. It also represents second chances, love eternal, harnessing the forces of nature, and the intelligence of the universe itself.

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