Thursday, June 15, 2006

What is The Cup of Fate?

In an earlier post, I asked you, based on the symbols (clues), to determine the mystery behind the Cup of Fate. You see, my heroine is trying to piece together a mystery of sorts, and to explain what she is trying to figure out, would give away part of the answer…lol

There is a real Cup of Fate…sorta. Some of the same symbols appear inside it…but I created and used new symbols to serve my story. So, while some of these symbols will seem familiar, many won’t. :)

But I thought you might like to take a peek at what started this entire thing and read a short interview about how I come up with some of my ideas.

Cup of Fate view2.jpeg
photo courtesy K. Peterssen

One of the questions I’m asked most often is how I come up with ideas.

In the case of my fictional cup in Cup of Fate, it has a real counterpart. Honest. An online friend of mine in one of my yahoo groups, asked for my help one day. She had an heirloom teacup and saucer passed down from her great-aunt. The Cup had unusual symbols and drawings on the inside.

Knowing my penchant for collecting mysterious, arcane artifacts, she hoped I could shed some light on her unique possession.

I searched the internet, old antique china collector books, and asked around. I found the cup fascinating and during my search for the meanings behind each symbol, I began to ask the question that all fiction writers ask…what if?

What if you found something so curious and rare that it defied explanation? How would it cross your path, make itself known? What if it could foretell the future? Your future? What would it see? And what if it did much more than tell the future? What else might such an artifact–a thing of such immense power–do?

Ahh…now you understand why I had to write this story. It caught my imagination like nothing before and propelled me to seek answers.

As I started writing, the heroine pulled me into her story, made me a part of it. But ohh, I was jealous of her. After all, she got the hero. And what a hero! Did you get a look at him on my cover? Whoo-Ah! A feast for the eyes and the senses, my friends.

I hope you will enjoy Cup of Fate. Go ahead, take a sip…enter the fantasy…if you dare.

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