Friday, September 2, 2011

Thank God It's Finally Friday!

I can almost taste Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to our annual family cookout and maybe talking someone into going with me to the casino **cough cough** I mean, bra shopping, over the weekend. Any takers? Ahh well, I guess I'll have to go it alone.

The other thing I love about this last big weekend of summer, is that it kicks off the fall festival season and art fairs. There is something so neat about getting up early in the morning, sun just breaking the sky into a dazzling lemon yellow and watching the booths with all their creative and innovative items, set up and display the beautiful things from all their hard work.

The dew is on the grass, a mist is in the air along with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and pastries, why—it's positively invigorating!

As I stroll paths around the booths, I'm always on the hunt for two things: anything with angels on it, especially jewelry pins (my oldest sister collects them) or anything with mermaids or manatees (which I collect). It's a rare day that I find anything for me, but I've been very lucky in the past, finding angel pins.

My other watch-item is a booth selling handmade potpourri by the scoop. I love the stuff, even though the booths usually make me sneeze. lol.

If you're sitting around on the weekends this fall season, wondering what to do, check out some of these neat art fairs that may be in your area. If you find any manatees or mermaids, let me know! :-)

Have fun!

~ Cass

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