Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yes, It's True, I was a Ginger

This was pretty much me growing up. The picture has faded a little over the course of decades, but trust me, that was honest to God ginger hair. It wasn't until I was in grade school that I learned being a ginger was supposed to be a bad thing. I know it made me the object of some seriously mean pranks. But I got over it and grew up somewhat normal. Okay, partially normal.

Earlier today, a friend posted a topic thread on a writers forum about "what's weird about you" and I realized reading through the thread that I may be more normal than I realized, since everyone has at least one weird thing they say, or do, or think.

Here are my four things:

1) When I was a little girl, people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I told them a manatee. lol

2) I talk to plants and trees. Just waiting for them to answer back. :-)

3) I love scary movies, even though I watch 80% of them with my hands and fingers laced over my eyes. lol

4.) I can't drink a margarita like a normal person. I have to lick all the salt off the rim first. On the upside, I used to get a lot of dates that way. rofl

What are your four things that you think are weird about yourself?


Mary Kirkland said...

My hubby's a ginger too. lol

Hmm, 4 weird things about me...

I love Horror Movies, love them. I am obsessed with vampires.

I have agoraphobia, so I don't get out much.

I have 4 rats, I think they make the best pets.

I eat lemons like an orange. Just peel and eat.

Cassandra said...

Oh gosh, yes love the horror! I like vamps too, but the scary ones (30 Days of Night), not the romantic ones as much...although Frank Langella back in the day, omg, I fell in serious lust with Dracula because of him.

I have a couple of friends with agoraphobia. ((hugs)) I go visit as much as I can and mainly keep up with them through Skype and/or Facebook.

Can your rats do tricks? I once knew someone who had a black rat that did tricks. It was freaky awesome watching him jump through a hoop like a dog.

Oh gosh, I didn't know anyone else did that! My oldest sister eats them that way, then screws her face up like, Euuuu—sour. lol. I told her, if you're going to get lemons like a fruit, then stop making that face, 'cause it's freaking me out! lol.

I'll have to tell her someone else eats lemons like she does. Neat.

Cassandra said...

FOr those who've never seen Frank in his role as Dracula, there is a link to a certain photo that still makes my heart race... oh yeah...that is So what I'm talkin' bout.

Mary Kirkland said...

Frank is great! But I like the romantic ones as well, like Chris Sarandon in Fright Night. He was bad and

My daughter took up my habit and eats lemons like that too now. lol