Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Reader Appreciation Week: Day 2

This Week Only!

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by Cassandra Curtis

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance 
Excerpt ©2013 Cassandra Curtis

Jack glanced over at his computer screen, hearing another incoming email alert. At least he wasn’t the only one working late tonight. He popped off a reply to the company’s VP of Human Resources, and also replied to the email from the head of Owen Hartfield’s security division. The last thing they needed right now were information leaks.
Another twenty minutes passed before Jack finished his email. He shut down the computer and went back to the print out. Just a few pages left, then he promised himself he’d leave it for Tegan to check tomorrow.
A knock on the door forced him to look up. “Come in.”
“Sorry, but I saw the light on and I thought Tegan might still be here.”
“It’s okay, Ms. Dannon. He left over an hour ago. What are you still doing here?”
“I wanted to complete some last minute paperwork.”
She was doing it again. Staring at him like a cat eyeing a nice juicy salmon. He was tired of swimming upstream alone, fighting the current. This time he’d wait and let her catch him.
He stood, rubbed the back of his neck, and looked at her from beneath his lashes. She must have been in a hurry, because her lightweight sweater was inside out, her soft, pale blond hair flew in every direction. A flash of silver just below her hip snagged his attention. Lindsay had a breath mint wrapper clinging to her navy skirt.
Part of him wanted to laugh. Other, more insistent parts of him, wanted to push her against a wall, strip off her ridiculous clothes, and kiss her everywhere, then make her beg for more.
She had a hungry vulnerability about her that called to something deep inside him…something he recognized too well. Those damn protective instincts.
“I was just getting ready to leave. Let me walk you to your car.” He put the report back in the folder and grabbed her elbow, not waiting for her response. He flipped off the lights and guided her from his office toward the bank of elevators beyond the frosted glass panels. As they waited, he noticed her shiver.
“Are you cold?” He started removing his jacket.
“I’m fine. Oh look…the elevator’s here.” She hurried inside.
What the hell was wrong with her? She acted nervous. Had he misinterpreted her signals? No, he thought, remembering her incredible kiss last December when he took her home.
Jack watched Lindsay as they got into the elevator. He reached across her to press the button for the ground floor and almost froze when his forearm brushed past her breasts unintended. She bit her lower lip, worrying it with her teeth. His balls tightened, fixated on that lower lip.
“You hungry?” He knew he was. And for far more than the potential dinner date he was suggesting. But he didn’t want to scare her off, or worse, get slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit in case he was wrong—but how could he be?

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