Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Winners of Shadower giveaway announced!

Happy Tuesday to everyone! This is Catherine Spangler. Cassandra has asked me to post this blog on her behalf. She is out of town because of very sad family tragedy, and I know she would appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers. She's such a special person and gives so much to other authors. Let's all show her our love and support.

Cassandra certainly didn't forget about the giveaway we offered on her Friday blog about science fiction romance. Since I'm giving away the copies of Shadower, she asked me to pick the winners from those who responded to the post. So I am . . . and I pick all five of you who responded! I know I said two copies, but what the heck :-)

So here are the winners: Christy Ashland, Natasha Moore, Jerri, Cora Zane, and Pam K. Please email me at catherinespangler@gmail.com.


Unknown said...

Thank you!!!

Pamk said...

Congrats to the other winners hope her family situation resolves itself.and I'll add her to my prayers