Sunday, October 17, 2010

Discussing The Near Death Experience

Quite some time ago I began to explore the phenomena known as the Near Death Experience or NDE. My own interest was sparked when I died on an operating table back in 1987 and was revived. Did I get a glimpse of the afterlife? I wasn't certain. I know what I felt and saw seemed very real—but was it? Could it be all hallucinations caused by the chemicals released as part of the process of the dying brain? I had to find answers and my research (before the popularity and growth of the internet) consisted of hunting through the stacks at libraries, reading books and medical journals.

This Friday, October 22, at 4pm SLT, I'll take participants on a journey through the experience and discuss the nine commonalities many NDE's have, and I'll open the discussion to all participants willing to talk about their own journey or that of a loved one.

The discussion will take place in Second Life:

Friday, October 22, at 4pm SLT

I hope to see you there.

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Unknown said...

Certainly an interesting subject, lots of discussion about what actually happens has taken place recently... I always have to go with the personal experience, I believe the answer lies with each individual, and they're perceptions. It's the only thing that really matters isn't it.