Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Serendipity of Life

After a four hour visit to see mum in the nursing home, I tried to leave but was stopped by the sound of a fire alarm going off. 
I was shooed back into her room by a nurse and stayed until we got the all clear. Then as I head out to get in my vehicle and leave, I notice the person in the spot next to me left no room for me to squeeze in and open my door. 
I had to walk back in the the nursing home and wait another 35 minutes until the person in the white van was located and came to move it. I swear, it was almost like something didn't want me to leave the nursing home, at least not during that time.

I finally manage to leave, sighing with relief, and pull onto the on-ramp for the highway and hit bumper to bumper traffic. What fun. I turn on the radio, and that's when the serendipity is revealed.

A horrible wreck ahead some 4 miles, had traffic backed up all the way to the main road where I'd come from. If I had left when I'd planned to, I would have been very likely in the same area where the accident occurred and at about the same time.

Can I just say that I love my guardian angels and I think they should get time and a half for covering me. You just know they probably draw straws and are like, "Oh shit, I got the short straw! Anybody wanna trade?" lol


Cora Zane said...

Lucky, lucky girl! *_* Serendipity indeed!

Estella said...

Lucky lady!