Friday, October 8, 2010

Purse Lust

Something you may not know about Aquarians is that we have this tendency to crave things. Not just anything. But one specific thing. Until we get that 'thing' we are insatiable and dissatisfied with everything. I speak true.

I have craved peanut butter filled pretzels and driven my family nuts while I when from store to store for my current 'must have.'

I drank four gallons of inferior soda to quench a thirst for Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max and yet remained parched, waiting for my real fix.

My latest craving was for a black leather purse. Ahh, but not any black leather purse would do. It had to have dual shoulder straps, have lots of zippered pockets and a nice wide space for my cell phone that would make it easy to access. I obsessed for weeks, driving my sister crazy. After so long, the odds were against me finding my perfect purse, especially at a quasi-outlet mall né country square tourist trap in Alabama, yet that is exactly what happened.

As I rummaged the walls of ye-hoe-down, I spotted a purple purse to die for. Studded and sparkley, ribboned and bowed, the purse made my little heart sing...except for one thing. It was purple. Wah!!! I want, need, desire a black purse. I checked the price tag. $69.99. Too much to pay for an imperfect purple bag. Imperfect because it wasn't black. Dare I risk buying it and dyeing it?

Turning toward sis for advice, I spotted the same purse only in black, half hidden behind a hideous white purse with rhinestones and patent leather prom night ruffles. The price was even better—$39.99! I snatched it up and felt this immense relief and satisfaction only another Aquarian could possibly understand.

I love my new purse. But ya know, lately I've been eyeing my old beat up checkbook wallet and it soo doesn't match the new purse...
Until next time ~


Cora Zane said...

The freebird purse! Oh, it is lovely! :D And yes, I do understand your Aquarian craving. Hubby is an Aquarian and he's the exact same way. ^_^

Cassandra said...

It's scary sometimes how bad those cravings get. lol. You shoulda been there, me practically running down the aisles searching through tons of handbags. lmao.

Mary Kirkland said...

I'm an Aquarius too. Feb.17th :)and even though I didn't know this about Aquarians, it makes perfect sense. NOw I understand some of my Obsessive behavior. :)

That purse is great. I love purses...especially with a ton of zippers, pockets ect.

Cassandra said...

Hey Mary! I didn't know you were also a fellow Aquarian! Wooyaw! Oh I am a total purse whore. I adore bags. I must be half cat I swear, cause I love bags so much. Never have tried to crawl inside one, thank goodness, because that would be one damn big ass bag, ya know? rofl. Take care and thanks for stopping by.