Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Fun

Image courtesy Glitter-Graphics.
I love carving pumpkins, but the best part is scooping out the guts. Yes, I know I'm weird. lol. Every year I get those Pumpkin Masters kits and buy two pumpkins—one for the man to carve and one for me. Mine are usually silly-goofy and fun ones, but he likes to bring the scary, so he carves the frightening ones. :P

For those of you who might want to start your own tradition, here are some links to sites where you can download some free stencils to get you started.


Better Homes & Gardens Pumpkin Carving

HP Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates

History Channel Pumpkin Carving Templates

Enjoy! Oh, and if you like, save the pumpkin guts for me! Mwahahahaa!

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Estella said...

I don't carve pumpkins any more, but I love to watch my young grandsons carve theirs.