Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cup of Fate Leads To Faery Wing Shopping

Sherron Bluestar reads Cup of Fate by Cassandra Curtis. Red Dragon, April 13, 2011.

Last night I managed to pop into SL so I could attend the reading of my ebook Cup of Fate, at the Red Dragon sim owned by my good friend Sherron Bluestar. Despite Sherron's allergies ((hugs)) she managed to do a great job telling the story of Lugh ap Kernan, Lord Hawke, and the very misplaced but well-loved Bryn Tuttle. In fact, Bryn is so well-loved in the story that I dare say a few readers in attendance blushed. :D

Book reading attendee and new friend Debia tries on a set of wings. Tiny green faery is Robbin, and off to the side is Sherron.

Afterward, someone suggested (I think it was Robbin), we check out a place called Material Squirrel. They sell every imaginable kind of wing there is and specialize in faery wings. Well, after reading about the fair folk and faeries, it sounded like an excellent idea, so off we headed en masse, to the faery wing store. Yes, only in SL would this make perfect sense. In RL, I'd be carted away in a van with orderlies if I told them I went to a material squirrel for faery wings...well, unless I referenced and explained the RT conference and the faery ball. lol.

I have more of a love/lust affair with mermaid tails and boots, but I can see how faery wings could become a new passion. I finally settled on a pair of really pretty purple-ish butterfly wings that reminded me of Tiffany stained-glass.

Cassandra *Sharktooth* wearing new butterfly wings from Material Squirrel. SL.

We finally said our goodbyes as it was getting late, but I hope to attend more of these storytelling events, especially the ones where they read my stories. I think that is truly cool and I am so happy that people enjoy my naughty ebooks.

Until next time...
~ Cass