Friday, April 29, 2011

Support Judy!


Estella said...


Cassandra said...

I'm very glad one of her former students (very talented kid named Cody) did this video. After all, the romance community can shout to the hills, but it really means so much more when a former student steps forward and declares what a great teacher Judy is and how the parents should be tickled that such a talented woman is teaching English at their school, no matter what genre she chooses to write as a published author. Have any of these parents who are complaining ever tried to sit down and write a book? It's not that damn easy, people. Then to get the darn thing accepted by a publisher? Nearly impossible. Heck, I've been trying to get one of my sweet romance short stories published in a national magazine for five years now. And I am already a published author with a track record.

::shakes head::

This is why so many of us use pen names. Not just to differentiate the various genres in which we write. But because we know there are small minded people looking to make trouble where there is none.

Good on ya, Judy. Don't let them beat you down and force you into a choice you should never have to make.