Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Making the Man of Our Dreams

Come on, be honest. If you're a woman writer, especially a romance writer, you gotta fess up. We dream about our heroes. Yep. We all do. Figure out the percentage of time we spend–days and nights, making the man of our dreams real.

I figure I spend several sleepless nights writing about the perfection of my hero's chiseled jaw, the thick, corded rope of muscles that play along his biceps and shoulders. The tight, curve of his...hmmm, getting a little hot in here. ;)

If I'm in the beginning stages of story development, I pay special attention to the men I might see at the mall, the grocery, the gas station, etc. And I take notes. When I get home, I throw them in a specially marked box. Later, I'll go through this box and pick a few attributes to give my hero. I always try to replace a note I pull with another, so my box is never empty.

The other day, I went through my box and, for fun, pulled out three new attributes at random to give to my latest hero. Then I went into SL and made some adjustments to my male character avatar.  Can you guess what new physical attributes I gave my hero? Well, sure that ONE, but can't see it since he's wearing clothes! heehee.

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