Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Join My New Goodreads Book Club Group!

Cass at Trilla's lily pond in SL. Love the tats. One day I'll be brave enough to try it for reals. LOL

I've been a busy little witch, learning how to create a book club in Goodreads for my books. Sure, it's no big thing for most of ya'll since you can probably do all sorts of computer gymnastics with code and creating stuff, but for me, this was special since I did it all by myself. Kinda like the first time I figured out how to program the VCR. I felt victorious. :P

Anyway, if you are already a member of Goodreads and you'd like to join my bookclub group, click on the linkie below and it should take you to my group. There is no cost to join, and who knows, ya might even win some cool goodies from yours truly. :-)

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